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I have never understood the ‘daag acche hai‘ ad. For the clueless, it means ‘stains are good’. Please don’t ask me silly questions like in which world is it so. I don’t know the answer myself. All I do know is that, while a sizable number of us humans are running around trying to remove stains from our clothing to restore it to a look before the damn thing insinuated itself into the warp and weft, we have a gang (selling washing powders, no less!) telling us that we had it all wrong these past days, months, years. Daag, apparently is acche. Aaargh.

Daag acche hai, they croon, looking us straight in the eye (the nerve!) and simpering seductively. You can bet your last fallen rupee that the seductively simpering crooners will all be women. For, ancient wisdom dictates that washing clothes is the responsibility of women. Occasionally we have cheeky kids (kids!) mouthing similar lines to us in that supercilious tone reserved by cocky kids in ads for the foolish and ignorant adults in their lives who do not have the gumption to look them in the eye and make them go to their room. Now!

After slyly hypnotizing us to believe daag acche hai, the powers that be gently and slyly suggest that we use ‘their’ washing powder for best results ….of removing said acche daag. Like hell! But why? You just told us they are good and good things should remain, not be removed. Fishy, the whole thing, if you ask me.

Come to think of it, if daag really is acche, why are we all not out there with our clean clothes, frantically searching for the best daag? Bring on the turmeric, dear, I want the best daag of all because you see, daag acche hai. More cries should then rent the air, ‘My daag, da best!”

Back on Planet Reality though, none of that is actually happening, sorry. No. Nyet. Nada. People are still frowning and going ‘Oh no!’ at every new daag that’s making an appearance. The daag acche hai line can thus be officially, and definitely, said to have been clean busted. Not by me, but Pure Logic. Ha!

Seriously people, who came up with this line? Who okay-ed it? You mean people actually sat around a table and spent valuable time discussing this concept? What a cool job they have, unlike mine, where I really have to get down to cleaning stuff. Daag acche hai, my foot!

© Shail Mohan 2019

With this we come to the end of Ramblings In February. Thank you for reading and commenting. A shout out to Uma and Mysoul who have rambled all of this month. To those of you for whom life intervened, there’s always next time. Thank you all for joining me.