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Luci has been a bad gal today. She decimated the coleus with red leaves. She has left one stalk standing though no guarantee can be given if it will still be standing tomorrow. I don’t know what it is with her and this particular plant. I do understand she wants to run her itchy snout somewhere. But why the soft and gentle coleus? Why not the sturdy tulsi standing next to it? Or the ixora?

The ixora has been around long and is ready to take on Luci any time. Come on gal. Stomp all over me. And after a while again, Yo there, dog. I am still standing, ha ha! Perhaps it is this attitude that’s driving Luci away from the ixora. I saw her try the tulsi plant. It has been around a few years too and is a sturdy specimen. After a few rubs of her face, Luci left it alone. Perhaps she doesn’t like the smell of its leaves or the fact that it is so stoic. So, it was the coleus for her.

By the way, something funny happened today morning. When I saw Luci rubbing her nose on the coleus and flattening it, I automatically lifted my hand to take a picture. First a photo, then I’ll chase her off the plant. That’s why I have my phone handy always, to take candid picture of her. To my chagrin though I found I was holding up the water hose to my face, not a phone. Go on laugh, people. It is a true story, absolutely happened in the morning today.

Since the L&M is away for the week, I am the designated Water-er Of Plants. That’s how I happened to catch Luci at her act (and also how I happened to be holding a water hose in my hand). The way she made straight for that particular pot each time and rubbed her face all over the frail plant, one would think Luci was in love. Perhaps she was showing the coleus her affection. Oh my sweet love, coleus! You are so soft and gentle. I love you so.

The poor coleus is almost dead from all that show of Labradorean affection. I have my story ready for when the L&M returns and asks the dreaded question: WHO KILLED THE COLEUS? Not me, darling. It was the butler who did it. No, no, no. That was in the novel I was reading. I mean it is Luci the Labrador who’s done it.

© Shail Mohan 2019