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Today let me talk of the cats, the cats who were unceremoniously sidelined because other more pressing topics came up.

The cats live next-door with the old lady of the house. I am not sure though if they belong to the lady, or she just feeds them when they come around demanding food in those loud insistent tones cats have. Perhaps its more of the latter. Whichever it is, it is obvious that there is mutual love between them. The cats are definitely quite at home over there and follow the lady around whenever she is in the garden either pottering around, burning dried leaves, pruning or watering plants or simply walking in her garden.

These cats are very smart, and as opportunistic as they come. They sneak into my compound to check if there is anything edible in the waste bin, something Luci has passed by as not fit for her consumption perhaps, or due to lack of hunger, and which something would make a tasty snack for them to devour. As soon as Luci lays her eyes on them foraging in the backyard, she does her best imitation of a steam engine and promptly dashes off to chase them.

Luci knows the ‘cat’ word and responds immediately. That is why one day, when I saw them sitting on the wall looking cute oh-so-cute, I forbore to use the ‘cat’ word. Looking out of the window at them, I instead told the L&M, “Look how cuuuuute they look. Awww… aren’t they just so cuuuuute!” A few more ‘cutes’ were thrown in to describe the felines. Luci slowly got up from where she had been snoozing, and sauntered over all casual like, and looked out of the window. Pandemonium ensued without much delay.

She shot out of the back door at full speed while simultaneously barking at the highest volume possible. Hearing the dog coming for them, the cats, their hair standing on end from head to tail and pfffts rending the air, disappeared over to the other side of the wall, to their sanctuary. Ever since this happened, the word ‘cute’ is viewed with suspicion by Luci. Any time you say ‘cute’ she is up to check if there are cats on the premises. Can’t take chances, seems her policy.

The above picture is of the cats looking at Luci who is standing on the terrace. The one on the right appears to be thinking, ‘Meh. Not afraid of no big dogs.’ The one on the left, on the other hand disagrees. ‘I izz! Big dog haaf big teef!’ Perhaps it is this cat whose tail Luci almost got!

© Shail Mohan 2019