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Today marks the thirty-sixth anniversary of being married to the L&M and we spent the morning at the hospital. Oh, there’s nothing to worry about. It was the eye hospital and I had gone there merely to have my eyes checked and get new glasses.

Walk in, check eyes, and walk out, that’s what we thought would be the whole of the agenda. We even had a set of errands planned to do afterwards. Instead we spent all the morning at the hospital (there were so many people!) waiting our turn and being led from one room to the next and from one doctor to another for different tests. By the time we were done, I was fit to drop, weak from hunger. So on the way back, we bought two packets of chicken biryani (my comfort food!) and hurried home. But this post is not about my visit to the eye hospital (that will come tomorrow), or even the tasty biryani.

So where were we? Ahh, yes. The thirty-sixth wedding anniversary. OMG. How time flies. It feels like it was only yesterday I was a young bride and stepped into my husband’s home with the lighted lamp. Words that are most commonly heard, right? Probably expected of me as well. Too bad. You will not be hearing them from me, my dears. What does it mean anyway, that it seems like yesterday? So where did the in-between years go, the three dozen ones? All those years one spent building a home, raising two children, growing and evolving? Does that not count? Is all that supposed to disappear into thin air and not be accounted for?

No, it definitely does not seem like yesterday to me. For one, our waists were much smaller back then and the tailor needed much less cloth to make us outfits. But jokes apart, when I turn and look back at the day the ice was broken, and the subsequent wedding in a short two week’s time (Yes, two weeks in which time I saw the L&M twice more before the wedding proper), what I see is the path that lies from thence to the present and our journey – a journey sometimes tedious, other times easy – through it. I remember each day, the trials and tribulations that helped me grow and the joy and happiness that nurtured the growth. Hence why I am loathe to dismiss it all with a ‘it seems like yesterday!’

Hopefully, in the past thirty six years, I have evolved into a better person (always debatable!), but most definitely a stronger one. The L&M of course has to speak for himself. 😉

Pssst! There was a lot more I intended to write. I had it all written down pat in my head while at the eye hospital during the hours I had to sit still with my eyes closed. But for the life of me I cannot recall any of how it went or what went into it. So forgive the abrupt end. May be it will all come back during the thirty-seventh anniversary and if you are lucky you’ll get to read it. Until then! 😉

©Shail Mohan 2013