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Towards the end of Episode 3 (Season 1) of The Crown on Netflix, there is a scene where Queen Elizebeth II tells her husband that she will have to remain a Windsor and cannot take his name, Mountbatten.

Duke of Edinburgh: What kind of a marriage is this? What kind of family? You’ve taken my career from me, you’ve taken my home. You’ve taken my name. I thought we were in this together.

Just as soon as he finished speaking, a strange thing happened, I heard something, a DEAFENING roar. It was the 99.99% or so of women on Planet Earth, all clapping hands, some screaming, others sobbing and still others stomping their feet.  In case you are wondering how I knew, I saw it in my mind’s eye, as clear as it could be, I swear!

The Women on Earth: (in unison) WELCOME TO THE CLUB, DUKE!

*        *       *

This post is dedicated to all those women who have had to give up who they truly are, their names, careers, hobbies, likes, dislikes, their natal families, friends, leave aside surnames, even their original first names, their very identity, so as to stay married. 

©Shail Mohan 2018


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