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Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against nature or those who admire nature. I myself am a huge fan. As proof, I present my love for trees (I love trees!), flowers, leaves, the sea, clouds, moon, the stars, dog, cat, birds, butterflies, moths, grass… No, not the creepy crawlies though, like spiders or chameleons. But they are welcome as long as they don’t make sudden appearances out of nowhere and scare me almost to death. In spite of being scared of them, haven’t I clicked scores of pictures of them?

So, as I was saying, I love nature and there’s nothing I like more than watching with extreme fascination the many programs on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. And yet there is a kind of nature admirer that gets under my skin.

They are the kind who go on and on about the superiority of nature. Nature is so perfect, and man imperfect. Look at the dogs (or cats or zebras, you name it), they will say, no one has to tell them what to do. They next fix you with a glare, as if you somehow erred while creating humans. No, I didn’t. Either err or create, I mean. But no use telling them that. They are in their praise-nature-and-decry-humans (including you) mode.

Nobody has to tell a dog mom (or a cat mom or a zebra mom) what to do or how to care for their babies, they continue. But look at humans, they sneer, so helpless! They need doctors, hospitals. These days every other delivery is via C-section too. The disdain in the words is like neon lights. So clearly visible. Nature KNOWS everything. Humans, gah! They have veered away from the true path of nature. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

There is one thing that will shut them up and mark you as their enemy permanently. I have tried it. You can too if you love taking risks. Ask them the wrong question: if the ways of nature are supreme why are humans not following its ways and allowing their offspring to choose their own partners through instinct, like the dog (the cat, the zebra). After all, no dog (or cat or zebra) arranges a match for its pups (kittens or foal). So why should humans *arrange* the marriage of their children? Shouldn’t they leave the union of human young to nature too? Nature knows, after all.

Umm… No? Why, ‘no’? Oh family honor and such, huh? Class distinction! But animals don’t have class. Culture and tradition too? But then animals do not have cul… F**k animals? Righto. They do, you know, which is why they have little thingamabobs pop out of their… Okay. Understood. Your child SHOULD marry whom you choose for him/her? Yeah, got it. I did think your no holds barred appreciation of nature and its ways had a catch. You don’t want to talk to me? Oh you mean you don’t want me talking to your children? Nope, I don’t have a PhD in culture and/or tradition and I don’t intend getting one either. I’ll be glad to be on my way. Good day to you. Okay then, if that’s how you feel, bad day to you! 😉

©Shail Mohan 2017