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Luci was tiny when I brought her home, so tiny that she fit snugly into the crook of my arm, where she slept comfortably as we drove home. Now at five plus years she is anything but, and can easily topple grown adults. She did just that to me, twice, in her growing up years.

Once was when as a pup she sent me sailing, having jumped in and out of a bucket of water and ran around leaving the floor wet. The next was when she was almost one, and had seen a crow on the wall outside. That was enough for her to come running at top speed, push me out of her way and send me flying out of the door to land on my butt in the dirt, lentils (that I had been cleaning), water, steel vessel and all.

She was a mini-bulldozer with a mind of her own those days, a Marley-in-the-making or so I thought.  Instead, she turned out to be this sober, super-lazy Labrador (“Please move the food my way so I can eat!”) who sleeps, and snores while at it, a LOT.

Here’s the tiny Luci.


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