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Spitting on roadsides is such a common habit hereabouts no one even thinks twice about it. In the pan-chewing regions of our country even the insides of buildings do not escape the onslaught. But the worst of all is people spitting from a speeding bus, car or two-wheeler. Ugh!

My friend who rides a two-wheeler has had the experience of the person in front coughing up phlegm and spitting it out thoughtlessly too many times. How eww it feels just writing about it (as reading about it is making you, I am sure), but imagine how much more eww-ier  (there’s no such word, I made it up) to have it land on her person!

What my friend does when it happens is speed up, stop the person, or ride alongside, and tell them how their action affects those riding behind, and request them not to do it again. I think she is incredibly brave for confronting them (after all she is a woman and we all know how anything coming from a woman can easily land them in serious trouble!), and also extremely sweet for being caring enough to try and correct the bad habits of people.

She had this to tell me: I get all sorts of reactions from people, incredulity, ridicule, shame, anger… but even if one person has changed their habit after listening to me, I’d think it all worthwhile.


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