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Going back in time and reading some of the stuff I have written down these past years has thrown up a fact hitherto unknown to me.

When writing blog posts, I am quite unrestrained, going all out and saying whatever comes to mind, using up words like there is no tomorrow. It’s like I have given my mind free rein to gallop whichever way it wants (what we bloggers call digression) as long as it gets back on track and home in reasonable time.

Of course in recent times I have found myself much better in that department, saying things in fewer words. But then, that could probably be due to laziness (I think) because there are still some days I rise above it and go well past the 1500 word mark.

Fiction though, is a different matter. I learnt to my surprise that I have a hidden Mr. Scrooge side while writing stories. I scrimp on words and then some. No amount of suggestions from others to ‘flesh out’ the story works, because that’s not how I seem to see it.

So have you noticed anything peculiar/particular about your own writing?


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