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I have absolutely no idea what to write today. Not that THAT is going to stop me. Well, someone has to try and write about having absolutely no idea what to write too, you know.

What if, say tomorrow or the day after, a month hence or even a year, someone googles ‘absolutely no idea what to write today’ and finds no results? Just look at what Google threw at me today when I tried.


Not encouraging at all.

You are telling Google you have absolutely no idea what to write and you are being told in reply about motivation to study and getting motivated in life. WHERE is the connection? You see what I mean.

When I am done with this post, there’ll be at least one result, with some hands on gyan about what to do when you have absolutely no idea what to write. The answer is write bleddy whatever comes to mind.  Pure genius, right?

And hope no one throws tomatoes at you. Or eggs. Rotten or otherwise.

The possibility of that happening is quite remote, rather totally non-existent as of now, considering that even the most negative comment cannot take the form of tomatoes or eggs.

Not yet, that is.

One never knows what the future holds. Future is scary that way. Someone or other might invent some nifty thing that the more annoyed of the readers can use to transform comments into projectiles in the form of the rottenest of tomatoes and/or eggs.

Phew. The mere thought of it is scary.

Let me assure you, if ever THAT happens, I stop taking anymore risk of doing some yeoman service by writing impromptu posts on having absolutely no idea what to write. But for now I can… and blimey, I HAVE too. Good deed for the day: Done. Check.

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