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I stepped into the bedroom after dinner and there was this little thingamabob fluttering away. Apparently it had heard I took pictures of butterflies and birds and on the off chance that I might be interested in moths too, had dropped in.

You’d think one who wanted its picture taken would sit still for a moment, but not this one. It continued fluttering all over the place with me trying to keep up, twisting this way and that, in my eagerness to get a good shot.

After a while I gave up and went back to my book. But when I looked up a few minutes later, it was resting on the door. Throwing my book aside and grabbing my camera, I was down on the floor within seconds and glad too, because soon enough it was dancing once again.

So, this here is a Micronia aculeata. (Don’t look surprised, I am no moth expert and only just found out its name on the net). It appears it is pretty common around these parts, but I am afraid this is the first I am noticing it. Other names I could find: Wayanad Grey Stripe moth, Great White moth.

Looks like lace, doesn’t it?

©Shail Mohan 2016


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