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All of us have our quirks. One of mine is that I HATE my things being moved from the places I have assigned them.

It is not as if I am obsessed with tidiness. My home gets messy like any other, clothes pile up, the desk gets cluttered, dust covers surfaces… yes, all of that happens. But I resent it immensely if what I have kept at point A is moved to point B without my express approval (unless of course I have just had my tea in which case I will be in such a state of nirvana that anything and everything is forgiven).

Take the case of spoons: I keep the small spoons on the left side and the big spoons on the right in my spoon holder and I dislike them being mixed up. Sometimes I am asked, “But what exactly will happen if a  couple of small spoons happen to be with the bigger spoons?” or “So what if the small ones go to the right and the big ones to the left?”

Duh! Other than inconvenience me to an extent, nothing of course. I can always put them back too, where they belong (and I do, pronto), but it does not stop me from getting all hot and bothered (I try hard not to be) when I see things have changed places.

As for important papers, books, music and some knickknacks of value to me that I have dumped securely in a couple drawers which I call mine, rummaging in them is a transgression I am less willing to forgive, and that’s precisely when my family gets to see a someone who is not the genial baa-lamb she otherwise is.

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