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DSC_0369I was out on the terrace, the camera slung around my neck, hoping for birds and butterflies to make an appearance (they did, but that’s another post). Luci was around keeping an eye on her Mommeee (What if, for example, the Black Kite circling above swooped down and carried her off, never mind that Mommeee is too fat to be carried away by birds. The point is, what if?! Yeah, Luci has her reasons for sticking close to Mommeee)

DSC_0370Just then I noticed the next door cat and her cute kitten sunning themselves next door and chirruped to them. Unlike the haughty mamma cat, the kitten promptly jumped up in obvious pleasure at making new friends, came running to the wall and clambered up, all the while going meow, meow, mrrreow, and also a much longer mrrrreooowwwww (Translation: Hey there Lady! Glad to meet you. Do you have fish for me? May be we can play some with a piece of string? Or may be I can sit in your lap and purr while you tickle me behind my ears?)

DSC_0371As soon as the little thing’s head cleared the compound wall and before it could sit down to further chat along similar lines, Luci went: BOW-WOW-WRROW- WRROW finishing  with a long WRRRROWOWOWOW!!!!! (Translation: You..you… you impertinent kitten. HOW DARE YOU talk to MY Mommeee! Clambering up walls built especially to keep out the likes of you and talking about coming to MY house! MY house, did you hear?!! Just you try and come over. Ha!DSC_0372

I don’t think the kitten heard all of what Luci said since she was off like a bullet at the very first syllable from the ‘mean-dog-next-door’ as she probably thinks of Luci. What saddens me is the thought that now little kitty will probably run at the mere sight of me. 😦

©Shail Mohan 2016


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