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Recently Usha told me that suddenly I had become human to her. Now, now, don’t let your imagination run wild and see in your mind’s eye an inhuman monster tapping away at the keyboard suddenly take on human form!  That’s certainly not what she meant. Apparently all those monthly blogging challenges of mine, completed with nary a break these past years, made her believe I had superpowers. ‘I have been in awe of your blogging superpowers’ had been her exact words to me.

This she told me when the first thing (or the second if you count the ‘good morning’ that went before) I did on waking up from my sleeping spree, if ever it can be called that, was express my disappointment about having had to give up the June challenge midway through. Considering that I had been unwell, she couldn’t believe what bothered me most was that I hadn’t completed the challenge I had set myself.

Yeah, I am like that. I dislike not completing tasks I have begun. Almost always l put myself through utmost discomforts, stay up late and lose much needed sleep, and/or whatever, but deliver on the promise made, whether it be to people or in this case, to my blog page. So what if this one had been only to myself? Those are the ones that matter the most.

My body of course didn’t care two hoots about my likes and dislikes on the matter. “SLEEP!” it commanded and before I knew it I was sleeping, morning, noon and night, then again morning, noon and night, getting up only to cook and also to eat. When things got worse, a visit to the doctor was warranted. And guess what? He prescribed medicines which again had my body screaming at me, “SLEEP!” That’s why the title reads, ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Let me hasten to add though, it is only to show the similarity of my predicament to a certain princess in a fairy-tale who slept long hours. So I lay claim to only the first half of the title and none to the second.

You know what was best about this whole sleep-fest? The fairy-tale princess had to wait so long for her Prince Charming to come and wake her up whereas I had my very own Princess Luci Charming to give slobbering kisses, sometimes to tell me it was time for a meal, or ask to be let out and at other times just to say, “Don’t worry. Mommeee. I am here for you!” Down she’d then flop next to me, with a loud contented sigh. And watching her through sleepy eyes I’d think, “Now here’s a sleeping ‘beauty’ if ever there was one!” Yeah, I know, she is both characters, the Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming rolled an into one. 😉

©Shail Mohan 2016