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Whaddya know, it seems it is Twitter’s 10th Anniversary, or so I came to know from here. I have a Twitter account, a mostly totally neglected one. It was not so some years back when Twitter used to be the first place I went to as soon as I got online. Not that I was actively tweeting or anything such, more like reading what others had to say.

Newspapers to me have become passé since long and THE place to go for news and that too the latest of the latest is Twitter. In fact, the L & M who used to make fun of me for not opening the folded newspaper (let alone read), stopped doing so once he realised I was abreast of all the new developments in current (world or local) affairs much before him. That’s Twitter for you, gives you news from various angles, levels, and people.

When I realised Twitter was eating into my time, what with only twenty-four hours in a day and so many books and blogs to read, housework to do, dog to play with, nature to stare at and a host of other things on similar lines, I lessened Twitter time and soon it became only the place to share blog links. Of course, I still go over occasionally to find what everyone is saying about a topic that is hot and current.

Here’s my very first tweet, courtesy Twitter’s magnanimity on its 10th anniversary.
First Tweet

You can find yours here.

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