Sometimes you are revealed in the unlikeliest of places in the unlikeliest manner.

Take a scrabble game (yes, I play a lot of scrabble) for instance. There are some players who play a very tight-fisted game, and much to your frustration, leave you absolutely no room for maneuvering in the course of a game. Then there are others who go on building *ladders* that ascend to the right (or descend to the left) and everyone knows what happens if that continues too long: your game comes to a standstill pretty soon, with tiles left over, but no chances to make any more moves.

I bet you are thinking, ‘this is all part of the game!’. Of course, I know that too.

What struck me today was how I found myself reacting to such tactics, again and again. More often than not, I went out of my way to ‘open up’ the game by spreading out, thereby increasing opportunities not just for myself but for the other person too, yes, the same miserly Scrooge MacDuck on the other side. If/when I saw a ‘ladder’ coming up in the wrong direction I tried to forestall it with a move that would take us out of the pattern, and both instances endangered my own precarious chances of survival.

So what did it tell me about myself? That when I saw a difficult situation developing, a dead-end looming, though I didn’t have to do it, I created a path out for everyone concerned, yup, myself included, notwithstanding that in the long run the same might end up taking a toll on myself, leaving me behind to languish or worse still, forgotten. Yeah, that’s me alright.

©Shail Mohan 2016



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