I hate making mistakes, but I have been making them rather liberally this month. Times were when I would take days to post something. Not until I had read a post like a thousand times (divided by hundred) would I have considered putting it up. There’s a reason behind it. I found out early on that the first draft is never really as good as, for example, the ninth or tenth, or even the fifteenth one. It need not be and certainly is not always so. Sometimes the very first one falls into place with a gentle, musical click and that’s that, no further changes are required. But what I cannot deny is that certain others improve with more readings, because new and better things suggest themselves.

This month has been a hectic one, with travel, sightseeing, visits. Except for the first few posts most were written very late in the night and posted with just a cursory glance because sleep beckoned. Its offer of a tour of dreamland was irresistible and impossible to fight against. Imagine my discomfiture when the next day I make a quick check and find typos and grammatical errors staring me in the face. I then make quick corrections, sometimes via phone, but by then many would already have read it. Hence at the end of the month of ramblings, apologies are due, for shoddy work due to poor time management and the resultant lack of sleep.

Thanks are due to the faithful ones, you know who you are, for sticking on with me, regularly hopping over, reading and also commenting. By the way, I hope to answer your comments in the next couple of days. Or is that a wee bit over-ambitious? Hmmm maybe I should make that a week. Thanks to my friends, Uma, Usha, Ruchi and Mysoul for joining me. Perhaps we’ll do this again next year?

Pssst! I am dying to sort through the photographs I took on my holiday. So the next month is going see me pay more attention to my photo blogs 😉

©Shail Mohan 2016