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They are at it again. Teasing me. Perching tantalizingly here and there in the neighborhood trees and chirping, daring me to click them. They know I don’t have time. Not today. I have loads of work to do before… No, I am not going to tell you of that. All in good time, my dears. But, what if I am strapped for time right now? If the birds want my attention, I simply HAVE to oblige them. It is another matter that I have been begging them to make an appearance ever since they mysteriously disappeared after the rains, presumably to greener pastures.

I am out on the terrace in the morning, putting the clothes to dry when I see thea Forest Wagtail on the guava tree, wagging its tail sideways for all it was worth. I run for my camera. By the way did you know that they are the only ones that wag their tail sideways? The rest of the wagtail varieties go for the up and down tail shake. Interesting trivia that. Anyways, the bird has alighted on the ground by the time I am back. It sprints across the yard. Next it takes flight and perched on the branch of the tamarind tree, peeps at me, one leg raised, as if to ask, “Are you leaving, Lady?”


Just then I see a bright yellow flash past. But no, the Black-hooded Oriole is having none of the posing-for-the-camera thing. So it hides where the leaves are thickest on the tamarind tree. How frustrating, to see the bright yellow, but unable to get a picture. Never mind, I better get back to them clothes, I think, when who should I see in the distance, hidden among the foliage? It is a glossy black, but the long tail gives it away. It is our friendly neighborhood kuhoo-kuhoo singer the Asian Koel. It looks like it has a grievance. So, you are leaving? it seems to ask despondently.


I am all but ready to put away the camera and get back to my chores when I hear a familiar chirp. It is the smallest bird from hereabouts, the Pale-billed Flowerpecker, sitting on the topmost branch of the tamarind tree. It won’t even look at me. “I am not speaking to you, Lady!” seems to be its stance. As long as I get a picture, it doesn’t matter, really, does it? Hehe..


The Asian-brown Flycatcher does not say a thing. It silently watches proceedings from beneath the canopy of the jack-fruit tree. The prominent eyes are not missing anything. And no, no pictures please, it says, as it flies off to a different branch when the click-click starts. Sheesh, these camera-shy birdies!


Really, it is pretty sweet of the thingamabobs to come and say goodbye before I leave! Oh, and that brings me to the next thing on the agenda. Please bear with me if your comments are not promptly approved, or replied to, in the next few days. I’ll get to them eventually for sure. Thank you for understanding. Ramblings, of course, have been scheduled and will appear on time. Well, at least for some days 😉

©Shail Mohan 2016