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THIS is appropriation. Luci has a bed of her own (and a colorful blanket to boot), yet she has appropriated mine, making herself quite comfortable. No, I am not complaining, just saying.

The ‘appropriation’ word going around a LOT these days does not have such an innocent, happy connotation. Of course, it is not plain ‘appropriation’ this other one, but ‘cultural appropriation’. In case you have been living under a rock, here is the definition:

Cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture.

Here is another (not mine, though it well could have been!) way of putting it:

The ridiculous notion that being of a different culture or race means that you are not allowed to adopt things from other cultures.

Unlike Luci’s space appropriation this one is considered pretty serious. There is lot of hue and cry going on against cultural (mis)appropriation, with some coming up with what’s okay to ‘appropriate’ and what’s not, and yet others shouting ‘FREEZE!’ so we can all stagnate at one particular point and die a stinking miserable death. My response, in case anyone is interested, to all of this is: Bullsh*t. What IS culture if not an amalgamation over time of things appropriated (overtly or covertly) from somewhere/someone or other?

Added: What a coincidence that I woke up today and found Roshni has written on the same topic, echoing similar views:  Coldplay and Cultural Appropriation

©Shail Mohan 2016




©Shail Mohan 2016