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I bet you haven’t heard this one, the story of a crow and lion. It is not one of those, long-long-ago-lived sort of story, more in the nature of one from modern times. In fact, I watched it unfold in front of my eyes just the other day. It cannot get any newer than that, can it? So let’s begin. Oh, by the way, do you know what’s best about this story? It has fewer words and more pictures, but ummm.. uncharacteristically though, rather more words than the usual Foto Friday posts.

So, there I was standing at the balcony as I am wont to do to see if any of my winged friends are about, and what do I see? A crow doing intricate dance steps in the air, in other words some nifty flying, above the roof of my neighbor’s house. Hmm… this looks interesting, I thought to myself and quickly ran for the camera.





Watching the antics of the crow through the lens I was nonplussed. It was as if each time the crow alighted on the roof something bit it in the butt.  It would hardly have alighted on the roof before it would be up in the air, doing one of those dance steps. What the hell was happening? The crow seemed scared of something. But, of what?

The house where the drama was being enacted is some distance from where I was standing. Even after zooming the lens to its maximum capacity, all I could see (these of course, are cropped pictures) was the crow acting weird about something lying on the roof, something pinkish and black. Was it a mouse? Had the crow killed it? Was it still alive? Was it a killing game in action that I was witnessing?
It was only later on in the day, when I downloaded the pictures to my lappy and enlarged them enough, that I got a more complete picture of the day’s happenings. Now, this is the part of the story where the lion enters. Sorry people, unlike how it goes in the wild, there is no majestic sashaying in, a royal flick of the mane and an accompanying roar that makes everyone around quake in terror. The lion in this story ‘enters’ only in the metaphorical sense for it is as good as dead, being made of plastic/rubber or whatever it is that a child’s toy is made of. Yes, the lion in this modern has no teeth so to speak of, and yet succeeds in scaring the sh*t out of a real, live crow. That, I suppose, is the power of a lion, though pink and black and plastic!

After a few more twists, flips and nosedives, the crow settled down on the roof and started warily circling the fallen lion. After much dillydallying, it finally mustered enough courage to hop close to the fallen lion.




I must say that was one shamefaced crow which looked up after that encounter and cast a furtive glance around. Had anyone noticed?!!!! Satisfied that none had, it quietly flew away, little knowing that the all seeing eyes of the Shutterbug Lady’s lens had captured the story, albeit in pretty poor quality, for posterity her blog readers.

Of course there is no moral to this story. Not every story has to be complicated with a moral, you know. Sometimes stories are just to be told, and be heard, as also written and be read.  🙂

©Shail Mohan 2016