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I have not thought of anything particular to write for today. The inspiration usually happens when I climb to the terrace for my after dinner stroll. Though it sounds rather grand when I say it like that, the habit actually started because Luci insisted that I take her, she wanting to roll on the cement floor of the terrace and probably do some star-gazing too in the bargain.

There was a crescent shaped watery moon in the sky looking down on us. Good. We are seeing the moon after so long. It has been raining so much that I started feeling like a character in the Isaac Asimov story about a planet where it rained always. Not that I am complaining. I love rain. Period.

The bat which usually keeps doing rounds overhead was nowhere to be seen. In the distance, near the mountains, I could see two lights and I idly wondered who could be living in those houses. A pup, or was it an adult dog, could be heard crying somewhere. Was it new to the house and missing Momma dog? Or had someone shut a dog up somewhere and gone off? The piteous cries broke my heart.

Nearer, in the streets and the houses around, there was silence. I could almost imagine that I was the only person on earth then, except that Luci chose just that moment to sneeze loudly. I reminded myself I simply have to factor her in when I do my crazy wanderings of the mind. If not there is no finding a plausible story-line at all.

That’s all very well. The question is what am I going to write about tonight? There are topics aplenty, but they need time and lot of thought. One just can’t write on a serious topic, even if a humorous  take is what you aim at, without due consideration. Even when what you say is crystal clear, there are people out there waiting to punch holes where no holes can be punched.

For example if you say two and two makes four, they tell you calmly that you cannot take two and two and add them together to make four. Why, you ask, nonplussed. You just can’t, they reply. See the perfect logic in their argument? I don’t. And I don’t intend adding numbers they or anyone else give me, even if served with watercress around it. So there.

Luci has had enough of rolling on cement floors. Come on, stop dreaming and get moving, she tells me. No light and breezy topic is in sight that I can do justice to with sleep waiting in the sidelines to put a spoke in my wheel. I’d like to see you write a post tonight, ha ha and ha, it guffaws. I can practically hear it. I sigh, open the laptop and start typing the first sentence,

I have not thought of anything particular to write for today….

The rest comes easy. Well, in the past they (a different set of ‘they’ from those above) have said of me that I can make a post out of nothing. I hope I have proved them right 😉

©Shail Mohan 2015


NaBloPoMo November 2015