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When dinner is done and I walk upstairs the dog is always in two minds, whether to follow me or stay put with Dad who is still hooked to the telly. I glance at her before taking the stairs. She gives me a typically Labradorean doleful stare. No words are needed when it comes to this evening ritual. The question has been asked and the answer proffered. You go, Mommee. I am going to keep Daddee company.

I walk upstairs on my own and busy myself with brushing my teeth and having my evening bath. When I emerge refreshed, one nose, two-thirds mouth, one and a half eyes, plus one whole ear are found sticking into the bedroom through the almost closed door. I burst out laughing at the comical picture this presents and the dog responds with a wider grin. She continues standing where she is. Only her eyes, all one and a half of it that is visible, follow me as I move across the room.

I know that she has run upstairs after me, unable to stay back. She wants to know what Mom is up to. Don’t ask me why. Perhaps she thinks: What if Mom is doing something fun upstairs and I am stuck here with Dad, listening to the news anchors shout? She should know of course that Mom’s choices of what can be done are limited to just three things and no, Mom is definitely not eating up dog treats without the dog’s knowledge.

Mom can either be reading from her Kindle, playing solitaire on her phone (okay add checking WhatsApp to it) or peering into her laptop screen checking her blog. The dog has been seeing this happening evening after evening after evening after… Well you get the drift. But still the dog thinks she has to put on a C.I.D act every evening, hoping to catch Mom at something different and new.

Come in, I tell the dog. The cuteness quotient is so high that I now need to cuddle her. the drama queen that she is, the dog pretends to be this tiny helpless creature who knows not how to push open a partially closed door. Come on in now, I urge her once again. You can do it!

No way. She stands there expecting me to go and open the door wider so she can push her roly-poly self inside. She looks so absolutely cute that I decide she can stand there a few more minutes while I take a few pictures. This is so going to go on Instagram or Facebook NOW, I tell myself. I walk the couple of steps needed to pick up the phone

…..and she pushes the door wider and walks in. Bummer!  So, no picture. But there is always a different one to go with the post. You see, she can easily be described as one of the most photographed dogs of the world. 😉

©Shail Mohan 2015

NaBloPoMo November 2015