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There are little things about our loved ones that irritate us. The big things naturally have to be taken up by those in question and resolved either between themselves or with help. The little ones of course may be aired, shared with friends, made fun of. 

One such about the L & M (shhh… don’t tell him I told you all) had been his propensity to misplace keys to the house or of his scooter. After hurrying us up (Get ready soon. It’s time we left! We are late already!) and when it was finally time to leave, he’d go missing because that would be when he’d start looking for the keys.

Tell me this, how many times can anyone misplace keys? I will leave out the *once* and start with *twice*. Twice, thrice, four times…? Okay, may be a dozen times, two dozen? Ahh. You little know. In our case it was more like each and every single time we needed to go out. I kid you not.

How can you possibly manage to misplace them every single time, I have wanted to scream in exasperation while perspiring freely in the finery. Why can’t you keep the keys in the same place every day? Hasn’t experience taught you anything? Instead I bit my tongue and swallowed it all, smiled encouragingly and assisted in the searches while keeping a close eye on the children to see that they did not get themselves dirty before we had even started from home.

Being brought up in the old school ways has its disadvantages. One is afraid (and unable) to speak up and break the bhartiya nari mold in which one had been poured while still young and malleable and set for all eternity. Besides, you must remember this man of whom I speak is otherwise so very well organised that one feels positively ashamed to bring up the matter of the perpetually-missing-just-when-you-need-them keys. If he says left side of the shelf, fourth folder, pink with black lettering, inside you will find (fill in with whatever it is you need to find), it will be there, you can bet your life on it. Still, there you have it, he could never keep track of the house keys or scooter keys. 

Thankfully, it is all in the past now. *keeping fingers crossed*


NaBloPoMo November 2015