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There is quite a lot of pending stuff to write/post, but I cannot help but push this one up the list. Last week I had the good fortune to visit the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary in the company of the Second Born (the only one of the Martians who is actually quite relaxed and never in a hurry when out with you, which is THE best quality in anyone accompanying you while you are out shooting birds). When we were done with boating and of course, the clicking of birds, not to leave out one really close encounter with a sleeping crocodile, we found ourselves walking the garden paths.

Me (reading out from a signboard): Darter.

Second Born (turns around, wrinkling brow): What do you mean ‘daatter’? It’s ‘daughter’!

Me (pointing to the signboard): I meant that one. Darter, the bird, you know. DaRter.

Son (realization dawning on his face): Oh! Is that what the boatman was going on about?! I wondered how he knew the birds were all *daughters*!

And yes, I survived the laughing fit to tell the tale over here.  😉

Here is a picture of umm… a daatter. Ooops, sorry, daughter. Sheesh, I mean a darter of course. 😉


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