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I don’t know if any of you have noticed it, and I speak here in the Indian context. Whenever a man is done with a call and his girlfriend/wife asks him who it had been on the phone, he replies shortly, “Koyi tha.” (‘Twas someone’). Almost all of them.

Now, when a woman gets a call, the boyfriend/husband rarely even have the good manners to wait for the call to get over to do the same. They butt in, with total lack of consideration while the conversation is still happening, impatient to know who it is on the other side. At the very least the best of them can be seen giving questioning looks expecting answers, but willing to wait and suffering for it. Those men who survive the ordeal without succumbing to apoplexy, spring into action as soon as the woman rings off. And, this is where the funny thing I noticed happens. ALL the woman, even those women who have been snubbed repeatedly by boyfriend/husband answer the queries civilly.

And yet they say women are the nosy ones. Oh yeah, tell it to the birds.

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