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When people lose internet connection for a day or two or may be a week even, they hail it as the best thing that happened to them. And when they get back online, you’ll find a cheerful and more than a tad sanctimonious update on Facebook or blog that talks animatedly of the quality time successfully spent away from the clutches of the Monster That Binds You To Itself With Tentacles As Strong  As Steel And Never Lets You Go aka the internet. Unsaid words: Oh you poor sods stuck here, what do you know about the joys of being away from the net? 

It is as if the forced abstinence has given them new life and also the right to look down the nose at those who had continued their *virtual* activities while they were enjoying the *real*. Never mind if you do take take time off regardless of the state of your internet connection. There will be mention of how they finished pending work, read a wonderful book, played with neighborhood children, lazed around looking at the clouds (or stars as the case may be), looked up a long lost friend and much more in similar vein, all because the internet failed them.

Call me a fool if you will, but wouldn’t it have been much simpler (and ideal) to merely switch off the modem, seize the day by its collar and make it your own? Why place your bets instead on random occurrences like the service provider failing to keep his part of the bargain and/or lightning striking and burning off connecting wires to enjoy life to the fullest?

Just today I read about someone’s phone conking off. Apparently the fact that it had was giving the person a lot of peace. Like, really? If peace was what you wanted, why wait for the phone to conk off? Expensive way to get oneself a little peace methinks. First shop for one and lighten your wallet considerably, get all those distracting apps and THEN wait patiently (No one even knows how long that would take) for it to die so you can have some of that peace you have been hankering after. How about simply logging off or putting your phone in silent mode till you are ready to take on things again?

Why hand oneself over to vagaries of internet connection and smartphones to get what you want out of life? Of course many don’t, they seize the day and make it their own, internet or smartphone notwithstanding. 

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NaBloPoMo May 2015