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Today I heard this:

“So when X does something wrong it is okay, but when Y does the same, it is not, eh?!”

Of course you don’t need me to tell you that X and Y here represent leaders of two factions. This obviously is an outburst from a Y-follower.

To me something seemed terribly wrong about the above statement. Do you see it too?

Strangely enough it does not seem to matter to the Y-follower that Y has committed some grave crimes. The fact that X has done the same (or will do so in the future) is proffered as justification for Y’s wrongdoings by this follower.

My question is simple: Is this how you choose to follow a leader: by excusing wrongdoings because the opposite number is doing (or will do) the same? 

I’d expect a true follower to say, “I don’t care what X has done (other than the fact that X should be brought to book for crimes). But as a leader I look up to, Y should remain impeccable and not fall to lower standards. If that happens I expect Y to correct self. Or else I ask Y to step down in favor of someone with more integrity and if that fails too, I cease following Y altogether.”

But how can I ask the unreasonable to see reason?