Yesterday’s post [link] is what brought on the idea, to go on a month of rambling, in February. Those of you who heaved a sigh of relief, please take note, I was not talking of weaving my way through the countryside, though there is nothing I’d like better to do than that. All I need is a pair of new legs and since those are not forthcoming, I have regretfully given up the dream. But the question remains, what ramblings am I rambling about, right?

Ahh, the one I talk of is the writing kind, you know, where the writer sits down and writes whatever the hell comes to mind. Fun project, what? It surely is, for the writer anyway. Readers will have to ‘please adjust’ because for the next twenty eight days you will find posts on Shail’s Nest that will wander hither and also thither, everywhere and strangely enough, nowhere in particular. Errr…. Did I hear someone say, ‘So what’s new?’ Hmm, actually not all that much.

Anyways, getting into details of what to expect: The posts for example, may on one day talk of the pesky cat that sneaks in to steal the dog’s food, and on the next of how the sky looked one evening when I looked out of the window. It could be about something annoying someone said or what I think of morons who believe every damn thing that is shared on Facebook/Whatsapp and more annoyingly want the rest of us to believe it all too. The rain puddles in the middle of the street, the flowers that have bloomed in my neighbor’s mango tree, an elusive butterfly, a favorite bird, a loss, a gain, what made me laugh, whose nose I want to break, why I have a painful shoulder, how I have nothing to write about on any day, these and others like them may all lend themselves to be rambled about.

The possibilities are mind-bogglingly endless, don’t you think? Come to think of it, I will be doing nothing new, only what people have already told me I am good at: making posts on just about anything and also out of practically nothing. The verdict has been given. I might as well live up to it.

Truly speaking ramblings are not expected to offer the reader anything other than a revealing peek into the rambling (what else?) nature of the thoughts of a writer/blogger. But, hidden in all that aimless wanderings of the mind, a reader might once in a while actually find something of value that the writer has let slip, knowingly or unknowingly. The latter is self explanatory, but when it is the former, it is akin to a puzzle left by the writer amidst all that meandering prose, teasing/daring the reader to find what really matters among all the *noise* created by the words. Not always though, just once in a while. The rest of the time ramblings remains just that, ramblings.

Now, coming to the size of the posts to be unleashed this month, it may be just a couple of sentences short (keep your fingers crossed for it to be so), or an essay so long that it has you snoring (any insomniac’s around?) on your keyboard. But as the one who is rambling, I only hope it is not me who is going to end up nestling on her laptop.

So here’s to February, a month of ramblings. You are welcome to join me if rambling is your thing.


©Shail Mohan 2015