the outer.
adorned with silks
covered in clean cotton or tattered rags
appreciated, adored
condemned or abhorred
dragged through muck
nipped and tucked
tagged with superlatives
a living repository of adjectives,
loved, hated, envied
smelly, sweaty, stained
doused in perfumes
lathered with scented soaps
praised sky-high
dragged through the gutter, crucified
extended sympathy
and pretended empathy
whispered secrets to
kicked, plunged a knife into
painted, photographed,
kissed, and loved intimately
bleached, colored, permed, set
scrubbed hard, scratched, waxed
fed, fattened
deprived, starved
whipped and cut
taunted and touched
massaged with oily words, hands and more
beaten senseless, worshiped as divine, part of a whole

the inner
the hidden core
never looked for
unexplored terrain
unwanted, unattended
no adventurous
to dive its mysterious depths
scale unreachable heights
wait for the rainbows, shine some light
washed in dewdrops
wrapped in lotus leaves
unseen, unknown
left alone…

outside is ‘in’
and the inside so out
a lost cause
let eyes close.
NaBloPoMo November 2014

©Shail Mohan 2014