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Really? Then why does bad happen to those who do only good? Yup, you got it right, I don’t believe it happens that way, not one teensy-weensy bit.

Here is what I think:

Good is a pretty choosy customer (just as Bad is, I bet), with a mind of its own. Your doing any amount of good is NOT going to get it to come running (or even walking at a sedate pace for that matter) to you. You see, it is not obliged to, in spite of all the posters and stories being shared about how good Good is, and absolutely none, least of all the poster makers, can guarantee that it will return favors.


Do good anyway, because that’s who you are; because you feel in your heart that that is the right thing to do; because it makes you happy; because you want someone else to be happy. All of them much better reasons than the expectation from Good to return via some circuitous route to scratch your back because you have been scratching other backs for good.

What say, agree or disagree?


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