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As soon as I saw Gauri’s post in the A to Z Challenge, B for Birdfeeder, about making bird-feeders at home, I decided I was going to make one for myself. After all as the Birdwali Aunty I had to do my bit for the neighborhood birds. If in the course of it I could click a few pictures, well wouldn’t that be just awesome?! I announced my decision at dinner time to the L & M (Lord & Master to newbies). I had already told the dog about it and warned it to behave itself when the birds started coming. But all that was in the future, a near future which I looked at with starry eyes.

What followed the announcement-at-the-dining-table was predictable. The L & M took over the matter, right from getting the wooden spoons to hanging the finished product. My role got relegated to standing around twiddling thumbs, making a suggestion or two, and also giving plenty of encouraging smiles. The last of course is absolutely essential to show that your heart is in the right place and you appreciate very much what’s being done for you by your spouse, which incidentally is something you very well could have done on your own.

Anyways, once the bird-feeder was ready and hung up for the birds to feed themselves from, the wait began. There are quite a few birds in the vicinity, but surprisingly enough, none were found flocking to have their fill from the feeder. Where were all of them? Gauri had assured me that they would indeed come a-calling. I waited and waited and waited and waited. No luck. I grew despondent and then some more. There was only one thing to do, carry the grievance to the ears of the only person available, the L & M. So one weekend, I wailed to him dramatically,

“No birds are coming to the feeder. None at all!”


“Gauri said they do at her place, you know.”


“Why aren’t they coming to our bird-feeder?! I so want to click them!”

The L & M smiled in answer and turned the pages of the newspaper.  Looking at the rustling newspaper, I added jokingly:

“Maybe we should take out an ad in the newspaper to let the birds know there is a feeder put up for them here!”

“That won’t work,” came the serious and immediate reply from the L & M.

I looked up in surprise. I had meant it in jest. But still I was curious to know why he thought it wouldn’t work.

“Eh? Why not?”

Pat came the answer,

“Your birds have not learnt to read yet.”

😮 o_O

Now I am waiting for the birds to first attend school, get their school-leaving certificate, at which point I shall put an ad in the newspapers and they can finally get to know of the bird-feeder awaiting them. In the meantime I’d be only too happy to play host to any illiterate birds around. Any takers?