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Blue is the color of light between violet and green on the visible spectrum.

What innocent babes in the wood we are, or rather let me speak only for myself, what a dolt I am. Though I had balked before writing about Violet and Indigo, I was smug about Blue. In my mind I had envisioned a cakewalk. That’s when out of the blue I started feeling blue around the gills. Fatigue had made its appearance out of a clear blue sky, making me feel black and blue all over. I cannot altogether say it was a bolt from the blue. It has been incapacitating me at the most inopportune times these past months. But, damn it blue blazes! Why couldn’t it wait for me to finish writing about blue, the loveliest of colors?! Anyways…

Blue it seems is THE favorite color of most people on earth. Once upon a time it was mine as well. Frankly, it was more on the lines of Everyone Loves Raymond. I am not aware if Raymond is indeed loved by everyone, but back in my childhood it seemed to me that everyone who was anyone loved the color Blue. So I made it my favorite color too. Yeah, I was more of a let-me-like-what-others-like sort of child those days. I usually professed love for songs, books, movies etc that others had sealed with their approval. Probably it had something to do with the fear of being ridiculed if I revealed my own personal favorites that may not be up there among the top notch ones. Quite a blue picture that, right?! (And this last sentence alone is going to get me hits from morons looking for films that have the blue tag to them. Why, oh why, did they have to choose blue to describe porn?!)

By the way Blue is a soothing color that comes in all sorts of mind-boggling names and shades. Nature has been generous to us as far as blue is concerned. Just gaze upwards at the sky each day and revel in the mesmerizing shades of blue it presents you with. Then there is the blue sea, endless, hypnotizing you with its constant motion that makes it change shades as if at its own whims and fancies. Never a dull moment while watching the sea! But here I have a question for you. Why are some seas not so bright a blue, but only greenish blue?

It is not just the sea and sky, blue abounds in nature elsewhere too. There are blue birds, frogs, flowers, precious stones, butterflies, starfish, blue whales, berries, and flowers, not to mention blue-eyed people too. So have you read about my blue-eyed boy? (link). Blue also brings to mind the human sea of blue-skirts pouring out of schools. In almost all the schools I studied the uniform was a shade of blue, be it Nirmala Convent in Vijayawada, St. Joseph’s School in Alleppey or Sacred Hearts in Tellicherry. Back then I was under the impression that it was mandatory to wear blue to school. How silly of me.

Sorry people. I hope today’s blog is up to mark. I certainly am not and am off to rest. So ends Blue Day on a blue note.

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