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Today morning when I logged on to Facebook, I saw this status update on a friend’s wall:

“I am an open book…but what you know will depend on whether you got the actual copy or the abridged version, the pages you actually read, the way you interpret the words, how much you remember and what your frame of mind is while reading the book.” – Me. (Mysoul)


I can of course, use the above observation to explain a lot of what happens to me in life. Today I will confine it to the following:

I have had occasions when people tell me, ‘Cheer up!’ ‘Don’t be upset!’ etc when I am not in the least bit sad or depressed. They tell me “Chill!” when I am not feeling hot at all. They say ‘You must be feeling lonely!’ when I am fine with my own company. What takes the cake though is the times they tell me ‘Oh you are angry!’ when I am perfectly at peace.

If I don’t go for my customary walk on the day my son’s holidays gets over, “Oh you must not have gone for your walk because you are feeling sad that your son has left?! Like, really?! You put up (what you think to be a) witty status update on Facebook, and get responses like, “Chill!” “Be cool!” When I want to do that I will switch on the a/c, thank you, not write status updates. If you talk about something that interests you enough to look for a plausible explanation or solution, “Don’t think too much!” Well, next thing you know they will be handing out measuring cups so that I can confine my thoughts to a fixed measure. And if you write what you think is a hilarious (sob sob) post making fun of elements of society, “Oh my! You are angry!” Give me a break. Don’t decorate me with the colors of your own feelings. I am perfectly fine with the way I am.

So, why do people superimpose their personal feelings on to me, define me with their own way-off-the-mark assumptions?!

I feel this happens when those with subjective opinions, and suffering from ADD, insist on trying to write a review of an unabridged book by lightly skimming through an abridged version, on a personally frustrating day.

Am I angry? Yes, a little. Who wouldn’t be, when the review sucks?!