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I struck gold on the very first day I went for a walk, and that is of course figuratively speaking. Gold as in the metal gold bores me to tears. This was something else altogether.

I am someone who notices the flora and fauna anywhere I go. I am no expert on either, but enjoy noticing trees, their magnificence, the color of the trunk and branches, the shape of leaves, the way they dance in the breeze and how the sun’s rays play on them. These leaves were doing the salsa when I captured them.

US2013 153

It is not just trees; the flowering plants get the same attention wherever I go. I may not remember many of them later on. But it gives me utmost joy in the here and then to commune with them. I noticed these flowers while walking,so went up to get my camera, and was back down to click them.

US2013 198 US2013 192 US2013 159

That’s when I heard the sweet tweet. Standing beneath the tree from where I felt the tweet was coming I craned my head this way and that, searching all the branches above for the source. No luck. I knew the tweeter was somewhere there. But probably it was hiding among the leaves. Disappointed, I decided to go back when I saw it sitting right above my head in the lowest branch. I had struck gold! I dare not even breathe while I went click, click.

US2013 176-001

US2013 175

Such a rolu-polu! Looks almost like a toy. He looked at me as if to say, Hurry up and shoot! I have been waiting here long enough.Β So how about it? Anyone know what this guy is called?