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Some birds fly towards the Shutter-bugger and her camera. They belong to the ‘a little lime-light never hurt anyone’ school of thought.

US2013 050

Some quickly turn hiding their face on spying a camera and fly away, preferring the cloak of anonymity.

US2013 039

Then there are the neutral ones. Not easily perturbed over a camera or the clicks, their philosophy in life is one of ‘take it or leave it’.

US2013 068

Yet others are winged show-offs who romance the lens and reveling in its attention put up a veritable performance for it.

US2013 109 US2013 112 US2013 114 US2013 116

Next come the painfully shy ones. They are so scared of the camera that they promptly hide their face underwater to escape being photographed.

US2013 071

My Nikon D5100 and I met these feathered fellas on our walk at Shoreline Park on Sunday.