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Some days back a jobless troll had left an idiotic comment and suggested that it would give me and my friends something to gossip about during our evening sessions. If only the moron knew how I spent my evenings! So, for anyone interested, this is what I do. I am on the terrace communing with nature. I have this spectacular view of which I cannot get enough.



On some days, especially during morning time, I can see other taller rows of mountains behind the ones visible now. These are zoomed in views and the place is not as close as it appears in these pictures below.



Guess who accompanies me to the terrace every evening? No prizes though for guessing. Luci after all takes after the famous lamb that immortalized itself by following Mary everywhere, even unto her school. Though Luci does not have a fleece of white and I don’t go to school, the fact of the matter is much the same. This time when my son came home (He had seen Luci last when she had been three months old), he observed that it was now impossible to picture Mom without an accompanying dog by her side. Β 

Anyways, from her vantage point, Luci is able to Β see cats, dogs and the regular people she dislikes for using the road in front of our house. This is exactly how she looks when she spots one of them and is getting ready for the next stage in the proceedings, a volley of ear-drum splitting barks.


Of course evenings also mean watching my feathered friends. But that is for another day.

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