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At last, f.i.n.a.l.l.y someone has found a plausible explanation, a reason, for the way I feel: ALWAYS tired. You won’t think so by looking at my mug displayed prominently on the top right hand side of this blog, would you? That is partially the fault. When you go around grinning all the time the way I do, people take it for granted that you are feeling fit as, no, not a fiddle because I weigh way more than that, so let’s leave it unsaid.

Tired I have been, on and off, for so long now that I had slowly begun to forget that it was not my default setting. What cannot be cured must be endured, or so they say, and being an endure-r par excellence, I was, what else, but enduring it without too much complaint. I had almost resigned myself to my fate, of being a sluggish slug of sorts, when this beautiful angel came along (I swear she looked like a doctor though) and told me what was wrong. My thyroid.


No, don’t misunderstand me. I am not overjoyed about the plug-ugly thyroid refusing to move its lazy butt and do an honest day’s work and thereby preventing me from doing the same (and more). This spontaneous display of unbridled joy is because now I know (knowledge is power) the answer to the question WHY I have been feeling the way I did all these days, months, years even.

It is no fun getting headaches every other day or sometimes every few hours at times, for apparent no reason. It is no fun putting on weight and having people state the obvious to you (though it is none of their business anyway) again and again as if it is something I was doing to myself on purpose, and which I should be ashamed of. It is no fun when you have insomnia when you desperately seek sleep, and feel drowsy and lethargic when you want to be up and about. It is no fun feeling all muddled in the head, unable to harness your brain to even write a whole post at one go. It is no fun when fatigue gives you the I-couldn’t- care-less feeling, thereby letting things slide.

So yes, though I think my thyroid is a sneaky watchammacallit for letting me down when I am raring to go, I am equally glad that the angel could let me in on the fact of the lazy little gland slacking off work. To counter the blackguard of a slacker, she has given me tiny thingummibobs to take every morning, and I will end up being as good as new once again (or so she tells me). Thereby I have been given a new lease of life to do what I like best: bore all my readers with posts after posts after posts after… Sorry, I got a bit carried away there. But surely, it calls for another one of those, right? So here I go:


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