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FlowersBirthdays deserve a post, not that I have made a habit of writing one on every birthday. Only on landmark ones (link) or when a funny thought occurs (link). Birthdays are always special, especially when your dog prances all around you as if she knows today is different from other days. The birds also made it a point to come by and model. Sometimes you get flowers on your birthday, at other time a bag as gift, and sometimes you know a book will definitely be on its150 way soon. Then you get taken out to dinner to gorge on Arabian biryani and mutton curry, followed by a ‘Sharjah shake’ (link). You also get phone calls and messages wishing you all things wonderful. It delights your heart to read how many have taken note of and have made it a point to mention what is close to your heart, photography and especially the birds.

155At times, I wonder if we pay attention to what the birthday girl/boy wants. Are birthdays only about eating, drinking and making merry? Or let me rephrase it as I don’t mind the making merry part, do celebrations mean only eating and drinking? I asked this question to a friend once and he gave me a very academic answer. I am not an intellectual. My point is simple. Why do we base all our celebrations around eating and drinking? If I had a choice is that what I want? Do we care to find out123 what any individual wants? Or do we just go by what everyone else does? If so, WHY? Sigh, these thoughts are not fit for a birthday post, right? I will keep it for another day.

Today’s birthday is special, like the one two years back that I spent in the US with my son. So many memories, all so fresh in my mind like it happened yesterday. I had begun writing a story, “The writing on the wall,” 059when the First Born returned home from office, as early as he could, with a cake to celebrate Mom’s birthday. So I put the story away, and it remained forgotten andBirthday Cake unfinished all this time. Today reminded of it, I took time to re-read the incomplete story and write a few more lines to it. Maybe I should start writing it all over again.

Thank you, everyone, for your wishes.