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This is an extremely well written story about what happens when God stands for election to save his suffering people. It is a witty (and sad) take on how democracy works in the present scenario, a reflection on the times we live in. Read to find out how it began, what happened and its outcome. A must read. So go right ahead.
From me to the author: Good work, Vivek!


Lord Vishnu the Saviour was resting in his Sheshashayee mudra when he heard the obsequious “Narayan, Narayan” that heralded the entry of the sage Narada.

“Prabhu, Victory to You, greetings from your humble servant.”

“Come Narada. What troubles have brought you here?”

“No troubles Oh Lord! I am on my way to Kailas and thought I would take your blessings”

“Narada, my good wishes are always with you. Tell me how are things with my favourite people of Jambudvipa?”

“Why are you testing me Lord? You are omnipotent and omniscient. I am just a wanderer.”

“No my friend, you are also my eyes and ears. Tell me.”

A thoughtful expression crossed Narada’s face and then clearing his throat he said, “Your beloved people are not doing well Lord. The majority are becoming poorer by the day and they are also breeding more and more. But there is no cause for…

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