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There is something about pink that warms the heart. It is the color of innocence and love. Valentine’s Day brings out the color pink in every nook and cranny. Pink  hearts, balloons, cards, stuffed toys, the works. To me though, pink brings to mind, baby toes and the sweet smell of baby lotion that comes in pink plastic bottles. Yes, that is the only one I use.

Pink is any of the colors between bluish red (purple) and red, of medium to high brightness and of low to moderate saturation, says Wiki. Here are some hues of pink found in flowers in and around my house.

A couple of pink hibiscuses caught my eye while visiting a friend. I fished out my camera immediately and clicked. Of course the butterfly who seated itself on the flower just then probably wanted to be showcased on Shail’s Nest post. But when I asked for a second sitting to get a better picture, it flew away all a-flutter.

Another pretty pink I have noticed in Nature is Luci’s tongue which she uses with alacrity to slobber all over us.

No one can beat Nature when it decides to go all out and paint the canvas that is the sky. This is how the result looked when I woke up one fine morning. Awesome, isn’t it?

One last picture, one of the pretty pink on a doughnut 🙂 What if we can’t beat Nature? We can surely join in?!

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