I found this while wandering in Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur, yesterday and couldn’t help but take a picture. It conveys the message beautifully to all the well-wishers nosy-parkers who want to poke noses where noses do not belong, as also to self-styled custodians of culture and morality.

This tee with a message reminded me of an exchange on twitter.com. A woman had tweeted about the message printed on her the new tee she had purchased. In reply, a joker guy who thought he was being pretty smart, replied: “And then you blame men for looking at your chest!”

A message from me to the joker guy-who-thinks-he-is too-smart: Oh wowie! You don’t say! Really? You mean to say men never glued their eyes to women’s breasts before tees with messages on them happened! Well, whaddya know! :/

By the way, the above message in the picture is relevant to the lives of both men and women!