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My post ‘In the land of Maha-abuse’ seems to have ruffled some feathers. Here is my cheeky humble attempt to smooth a couple of them. Sigh, it is rather a tough job I am taking on here.

Here is one of the comments:

“i don’t get what your complaining about. this is an isolated incident. it’s not like it happens every day. they just did what they did because they felt like doing it. they couldn’t control their testosterone. we guys have a hard time doing that”

1. I don’t get what your… oops sorry, you’re complaining about either. So that makes two of us. We are even. *high five*

2. The next time the roof falls on your head and you break a few of your vertebrae (Ahhh…. what a pleasant thought!) I hope you follow your own moronic excellent advice and not whine. After all it is just an isolated incident. It is not like roofs fall and people break their spinal cord every day.

3. Yippeeeeeeeee. You mean we all can do what we feel like, right? Sigh, I have always wanted to do what I feel like doing and that is jump on the faces (and other unnamed parts) of people who do what they feel like with total disregard to feelings of women, with hobnailed boots. Now that you have so kindly reminded me that that is the done thing, here is my chance at last.

4. Yup, I am aware, like many others, that there are guys who are wimps a breed apart and are so cowardly  valiant that their testosterone levels shoot up ONLY when they see either a lone women who they can overpower singlehandedly or those they can hunt in packs so as to be there to save each other’s cowardly fearful fearless hide. Very sadly, their supposed uncontrollable libido deserts them and their testosterone levels magically hit rock bottom levels when they are in the presence of women or men who can (or will) beat them to a pulp. Mysterious how the bouncers at the bar, presence of guns etc can keep that testosterone levels and the useless bravado at such steadily low levels.

5.Yes, I do understand how easy hard it is for such guys as you to keep that control. Instead of resigning to “fate” with a ‘we guys are like that’ (my foot!) those of you guys who think they have raging (!) hormones and are entitled to molest girls should consult a doctor. Medical science has advanced considerably since the cave man days and treatment is widely available to cure delusions. BTW, the best cure is still our good old cold water baths. Or better still they should try jumping into the nearest well and save humanity all the trouble of feeding and  housing them.

Now coming to the next comment;

“you need to watch your language ma’am. are you a mother? you sure don’t sound like one. It was the girl’s fault. She shouldn’t have been at the bar. No one should be drinking at bars period”

1. Fancy that. I admire your gall young man (really I do), having the audacity to suggest that I watch my language when you don’t even know a basic thing like capitalizing the first letter of a sentence! Tsk tsk tsk. In your place I wouldn’t have drawn attention to my language skills at all. But then, that’s me. If I may point out to you ever so hesitantly, since I am no English teacher myself, there IS a sea of difference between your and you’re. And ‘period’, surprising as it may seem to those like you who are so quick to point fingers, has a place of its own in the scheme of things in the phunny language that is called English. Period.

2. Yes, I am a mother though I don’t see how it is any bleddy concern of yours. And no, since I am satisfied with the two who call me so, no more applications are being entertained just in case you were wondering.

3. Ummm… let me see now. Mothers should sound like…. what? I have a suggestion for you since it looks like you have a ‘complaint’ about how they sound: Next time you see the creators, please put up the necessary papers with your preferences in mothers spelt out clearly, that mothers should come off assembly lines, replicas of each other down to their voices. Perhaps the higher-ups might take up your suggestion and have a factory set up exclusively for making mothers who are clones. As for me, let me tell you I am dead against the idea. Sheesh, just imagine what would happen if my mother called out: ‘Come here and get your breakfast’?!! The whole mohalla will walk right into my house and gobble up my breakfast!.

3. Errr…. WHY? Was she trespassing at the bar? Did the bar owner request you to keep her out of his bar? Or is it that you own the bar and she was there in spite of you denying her entrance?

4. Hmmm… so you feel no one should be drinking at the bar? Wah, commendable thought. Errr… are you doing anything to make your dream of a bar-free society come true? Have you written to the governments around the world expressing your wish and how it has to be implemented pronto? Have you confronted the companies making the hard liquor and requested them to toe your line? Have you met the owners of bars and threatened them to shut down or else face dire consequences? No bars means no people at bars. Simple, isn’t it? Perhaps you intend going on a hunger strike to realise that dream? Oooops sorry. My bad that I forgot you support the much easier and lily-livered act of way-laying girls who visit bars and molesting them on roads citing reasons of high(!) levels of testosterone.

Do you know something? I am sceptical about these tall claims of the levels of raging testosterone that supposedly makes molesters of men. My belief (and I am sure many agree) it is LACK of sufficient levels of testosterone that makes it so. The molesters and harassers are just trying to make a loud noise to cover up, take attention away from the harsh reality of what they themselves feel is missing in them. Whether anyone likes it or not, those who really have the necessary levels of this oh so widely acclaimed testosterone don’t need to force themselves on defenceless women or hunt them in packs to prove they are men. They know they are and so do the women who love and respect them.