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Good news!

Of course it is all relative and depends entirely on whether you are you or I. Hmm….. Now THAT was a foolish thing to say and is an impossibility to boot. You are you and I of course am I. There is no ‘whether’ about it. So getting back to what I was saying, the good news (which certainly is NOT what the Indian movies have us believe is THE good news. Sheesh, the very idea!) is that my book of verse, Love, Loss & Acceptance is now available via certain online stores. You gotta admit that is good news for me and the few gullible brave souls who love reading poetry. In the meantime I feel someone also please tell Indian filmmakers (and the society at large) that ‘good news’ means plenty more than what their one-track mind tells them it is. Anyways….

You lovely brave souls out there who wanna take the plunge, and also those who I am trying to convince to jump off the deep end sort of, can now go to the following places to place their orders:

Click here for the link to the Flipkart page

Click here for the link to the Infibeam page

Click here for the Indiaplaza page

Thank you guys and gals. 🙂 You will be hearing more from me shortly 😉