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At last, I thought, seating myself on the familiar chair and staring at the flickering laptop screen. Now let me sit down to write a post. It has been ages. No doubt, it had been a wonderful holiday with my sis and brother-in-law at Kuala Lumpur. But blogging is always blogging. In fact, while there, the good brother in law, who is no longer as roly-poly as he used to be, in spite of  the jelebis and ice-creams he seems to love (sob sob, the same cannot be said of moi in spite of not having either jelebis or ice-cream), did ask me in surprise,

“Not a single blog since you have come down to Malaysia, Chechi?”

Nope, sadly not. I had restricted myself to a picture a day with iron self control. The only time I cheated was when I went wandering off to the Indianhomemaker’s blog to see what was happening. I unwound my rigid stance to make a couple of comments as well. But, there had been an occasion when I was raring to have a go at writing a post, holiday or no holiday. That was when I read how dear old Sita Maiyya had found a new fan in the Indian Judiciary. Imagine someone telling that a wife should be like Sita. Really? Today it is, be like Sita and follow the husband. How soon before it will be, be like Sita and accept your fate if your husband throws you out on your ear? I was so riled that I thought I’d go to bed only after writing the post. When the junior son came wandering hoping to get the laptop from me, sure that I’d be droopy-eyed with sleep and ready for bed by then, all he got was a stern look from me and a pre-emptive,

Don’t you dare ask for the laptop! I wanna write a blog.”

Sigh. But whaddya know, it (what I wrote) simply didn’t turn out as I wanted it to. Being too tired and sleepy with all the walking we had been doing during the day, I capitulated, gave the laptop to the junior and went to sleep. That had been the only occasion I came close to writing a blog.

Getting back home and being welcomed by Luci was wonderful. She whimpered, slobbered all over, and wagged her tail nineteen to the dozen and more.  Bags were opened pronto, to search for the jumbo bone which was promptly gifted to her.  She gnawed, we clicked.

The subsequent days had been busy. The house needed some attention after my absence of two weeks. There was the much needed visit to the doctor. On top of all that, the junior son would be home only for three days more. With iron self control, I decided to keep my itching-to- tap- dance-on-the-keyboard-fingers to myself, only sneaking in to post the holiday pictures and also a poem for OSI.

Finally, the day and time arrived when I could plonk on my favorite chair and stare with delight at the flickering screen, with the intention of going tap-tap-tap once again. Or so I mistakenly though, babe in the woods that I am.

Woof, said a voice politely.

I turned to find gentle eyes looking at me. Luci wanted my attention What do you want, baby? I scratched behind her ears and cootchie coo-ed to her some before turning back to that flickering screen again.

Woof woof.

Then again


And in case I did not get the message


And for good measure some more


I don’t know if you have ever had a determined-to-pry-you-off-your-chair Labrador bark shrilly into your ears. Believe me; It is not only quite an effective anti-blog-writing technique, but can actually rupture your ear-drums and make you permanently deaf. I prize my ears dearly. They are the only ones that keep me connected to something I love more than anything in this world, MUSIC. So, I reluctantly put aside thoughts of blog-writing, and swiftly got up to obey her commands and play with her.

Yup, Luci has this gargantuan misconception that I am fit to play tug-of-war with her like her brother, the junior son who she is sorely missing.  I cannot even throw ball with my tennis elbow hindering me. But much to my chagrin I found that all Luci wanted had been to get me off the laptop. For, when I wandered into the kitchen and started on some work, the wily dog settled down on the kitchen floor with a huge contented sigh to watch me.  Unbelievable.  She it seems, is okay with me working in the kitchen, but won’t have me blogging. OMG, I wonder if she is my MIL reborn?!   😐

Luci has become real paranoid about letting me out of her sight. She won’t wander off on her own and sticks as close as possible to me at all times. In fact when I was away she was in destructive mode and made a sorry spectacle of the L & M’s spectacles, not to mention how she chewed off the sponge from the insides of his helmet.

Now it has been almost a week since I have been back. Perhaps that’s why she let me write as long as this while sleeping at my feet. So here is to being back and blogging like before.  Oh no, I think Luci heard that.  Okay, okay I am coming, Luci.