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1. You can either have a Labrador pup or a garden, not both.

2. Be prepared for your ideas on a garden and those of your Labrador pup to be at variance with each other. They just never are going to coincide.

3. Planting is essentially your job. Digging out what you have planted at the very first opportunity is unquestionably theirs.

4. You prefer a garden filled with plants and shrubs. Your Labrador pup likes them plain and works diligently towards achieving the goal of a plant and shrub-less garden from a very tender age.

5. You think flowers are for viewing pleasure. Labrador pups think they exist to supplement meals.

6. The leaves on the branches look pretty to you. Labrador pups think they are superfluous and need necessarily be bitten off. Bare branches are easier to access when in the mood to chew.

7. You find the moss on the bricks lends rather an old world charm to your garden. Your Labrador pup thinks you grew the moss especially for her to scrape them off the bricks and eat surreptitiously.

8. You had planned the patch of purple-leafed plant to look just the way it does. But your Labrador pup thinks your creativity sucks big time. Surely rolling on it and flattening it to the ground gives it a much better look. Besides it makes for a soft outdoor bed for her, a use you never had the foresight to think of in the first place.

9. You feel the plants and shrubs in your garden need to be watered. Your Labrador pup who makes a fuss while bathing thinks she is the one who ought to be watered and so jumps in between. Once wet, she does not want you to feel left out, so she helpfully shakes herself to make you equally so.

10. The garden hose in its present condition is just ideal for the purpose of watering the garden is what you feel. But your pup doesn’t think too highly of your opinion. Biting and making holes in it, causing water to spout from all over enhances it immensely feels your little canine.

11. You carefully wash your muddy hands at the tap after gardening. Your pup feels the best way to clean her muddy paws is to jump all over you.

But is a garden a garden without your Labrador pup to desist assist you in every way possible?! 😉