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From Luci

Hey! I am Luci.
Momma says I am a real beauty,
A bundle of joy, soft and cuddly.
She loves me, so does the whole family.
It seems I am keeping Momma too busy
I hear she’s not been blogging lately
Sigh, I wake her up nights when she is sleepy
Whenever I miss my Dog Mommy.
I also make her get up way to early
‘Coz mornings make me terribly hungry.
The whole day she is busy feeding me
You see, though  small I have a big tummy.
As I am still a baby
She also has to take me out frequently.
Her heel pains awfully
Yet she hobbles along beside me silently.
No wonder her eyes look so bleary
But when I lick her, they do light up so brightly.

– Shail Mohan (Oct 2011)