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Rahul is his name, not the Gandhi (eek, the very idea), but Sharma, Rahul Sharma to be precise. He fills my heart with such unbearable joy that the outer me (which errr…. is considerable) is all fluid and motion, ready to dance. Now, THAT is some achievement on his part considering that yours truly is Stiffness Personified and couldn’t (or wouldn’t?) dance (not in front of anyone anyways) not even if her very life or those of her loved ones (a la Basanti in Sholay) depended on it. There you have it then, the magic of his, that makes the impossible plausible.

What is the magic this man possesses that makes a creaky jointed old me feel boneless and flexible?? What is it that makes me long to turn into a nimble footed peacock as for the dark cloud?? What is it that makes my heart so light as to soar higher than an eagle into the blue sky and beyond into the stillness of Space??


Other than the dark cloud, only music has the capacity to do that to me. But where other singers and musician at times make me plummet to the depths, the one and only Rahul Sharma without fail makes me indescribably happy, always, any time, anywhere. All I have to do is listen to him play the santoor and miraculously I rise in inexpressible joy.

Ironically enough, though Rahul brings me so much joy, he himself does not know I even exist. Well perhaps he does, as a sort of hazy face, in the periphery of the throng that make up his fans. Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way either. What means so much to me is his music. So I am happiest being one of his many anonymous fans.

It is interesting how I came across him. Almost five years back, when I was a newbie blogger at Yahoo 360, I happened to be visiting a fellow blogger’s page. There I noticed a couple of photographs on the main page which I gave but a casual glance. People usually put pictures of family members along with theirs. So I didn’t give it much thought. Resembles Saif Ali Khan, is all I thought to myself, assuming the picture to be that of the blogger’s husband.

As Providence would have it, a few days later she and I got talking and out of the blue she asked me if I knew Rahul Sharma.

Errr.. Rahul who??

Haven’t you noticed the picture on my blog page??

Umm.. I rather thought that was your husband *sheepish look*

No no!! *laughs*

Uhh ok… and that would be??

He is a famous musician who plays the santoor and his music is out of this world.

Ohh okay… I am afraid I haven’t heard him.

Ohh you should! *totally enthusiastic*I will send you a couple of his songs. You will love them.

Alright! Thanks in advance.

I am going to attend his concert. *super excited*

Lucky you! Don’t forget the songs though.*by now curious*

I won’t.

I forgot about it. But she did not. She sent me a couple of songs (new-age music) from the album White: January (Snowfall), Silver Moon (White Lace), and listening to them, for the first time in my life I came to know what unadulterated and pure joy felt like.

As you know, (like it has happened before) I am not one to sit idly by when it comes to some music I want to have. So, I was out of my house and into a music shop at the very first opportunity I got, before anyone could say Rahul Sharma. But… but… my sleepy small-town city of Trivandrum disappointed me greatly. None of the music shops stocked a single album of his.

I was heartbroken.

My good blogger friend with a heart of gold sent me a couple more songs to cheer me up. The Bride (An Unfinished Love story) and also Russia, were both like manna to me, incomparable songs, that instantly transport one to a different plane altogether. I listened to them over and over again, never tiring.

Yet, the heart hungered for more of his divine creations. So, the next time I was in Bangalore and the newly employed son asked me where I wanted to go and what I wanted to buy, I had my answer ready: To the music shop to get albums of Rahul Sharma.

On walking into the shop and seeing the albums of Rahul Sharma displayed in all its colorful glory in front of my eyes, I got all hyper. The sobering presence of the senior son was the only deterrent that stopped me from shrieking in delight and going hop, skip and jump. I desisted from buying up all the different albums and restricted myself to just three, Maya the Illusion, Time Traveller and H2O. There is always another day and waiting only makes it sweeter.

I am not going into the details of Rahul’s personal biography. Only his music concerns me. All I want is for him to make music and for me to be able to listen to it in solitude. I don’t have favorites among his many songs. I love them all. Sunset in Shivalik Hills from the album Mountain Trail is as dear to me as songs from Pari Mahal or Kashmir.

His is the music I permit myself to listen to while I write. His is the music that gives me solace while tossing and turning with insomnia. All his songs have the same capacity of calming frayed nerves, of rejuvenating a tired mind, but most of all lifting me to heights of bliss I never knew existed, Just as I cannot describe the ecstasy of the rain cloud, I am unable to express fully the pleasure his music brings me.

Here is a video of one version of the song Destination from Time Traveller. Tell me if you like it or not.

Those interested can read about him at rahulsantoor.com and also listen to more of his songs.