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Hello peoples. Meow meow.

I is a kitteh, a purty and cute kitteh. One day I hear story of lady with dog who like us kittehs very much. I wanna go meets lady and her wow dog who takes care of kittehs. I no tell Mamma Kitteh. I is runs away from Mamma kitteh’s home.

I goes to Big Building and play kitteh games near door. Peoples walks here, there and looks at kitteh and say ‘Look cute kitteh!’ I want they takes I to Lady and wow dog who loves kittehs. They no take.

I is soon tired and hungry. Meow meow. Mans at doors give milks and biscuits. I eats I sleeps.

Then I sees Big Chief. Big Chief tells mans at doors, put kitteh in big box, lady wants kitteh. Mans puts kitteh in big box. I is happy. I is going to sees lady and wow dog who love kittehs, I knows in kitteh hearts.  Big Chief puts big box in car and drive. I is sit quiet in big box. Car go very very far.

Big Chief take big box inside house. Big Chief tell lady, ‘Here, big cake for you’. I laughs kitteh laugh inside box. I know I not cake, I is purty kitteh.

Lady surprise. Lady ask, ‘What cake?? Why cake??’

Big Chief open big box. Lady sees cute kitteh. Lady scream and jump and I is think is earthquakes come. Lady is fat. Then lady take I and tell to I ‘Oh you cute kitteh!’ I is pleased. Lady say, wow dog who loves kittehs gone to dog heaven. I is very sad to hears it.

Lady is excited I has come. Lady call monkeys, ask what is name for kitteh. Big Monkey  say ‘Kitteh’ and Small Monkey also say ‘Kitteh’. Big Chief say call kitteh Pepper.  So I is Pepper the Kitteh. But I is think, why lady no give name for I??

Big Chief calls I, ‘Hundred grams.’ I is now still small kitteh. But I grows. I is become heavy kitteh soon and not hundred grams. Big Chief and lady loves I. But lady angry when I is jump on laptop. Lady scream ‘NO KITTEH’. I scaredy kitteh. Lady say I is naughty kitteh, no jump on laptop, I be spanked. I is hide under cot.

I is like Mary’s lamb. I is always goes where lady is. Lady in kitchen I sits kitchen, lady is reads in sitting rooms, I is sleep sitting rooms, lady tapping laptop, I is sleep on her lap. I catch bug for lady. When I is grows, I catches lizards for lady. Lady be very happy.

Lady give I fish and milk. I is very much like fish and milk. Big Chief give sambar-rice too. I is likes sambar-rice. Big Chief and lady play with kitteh lot. I is love Big Chief and lady. So I is scratch and bite them lots.

Lady always take pictures of I. Lady say I is now world famous kitteh. Lady say I has to blog. Lady teach me human English later and I is writes good blogs then. Now I is only speak kitteh English.

Ok peoples, now I go eat fish. Meow meow.

Ohh peoples!!! Please yous not goes away. The lady is scream at me if I is no tell ya folk what she is tell me to tell you peoples. Is all big words for little kitteh, but I is try to gets it all rights.

The lady say Women’s Web have competition for Women’s Day. Golly I is wants to knows, when is Kittehs Day??! Ooops, sorry lady, I is stick to topics lady, you no get angry. I is talk only about Women’s Web, promise lady. Here, I is gonna copy the news for you alls. Is okay??

The Women’s Web have a new contest up for Women’s Day ‘The FemInspiration Contest.’ Celebrate women’s strength by writing about an incident, a day, a life, an issue – where you think a woman’s courage shone through. It runs from 1st to 16th March. A total of 10 exciting prizes to be won. Hop over and take a look at more details here. Thank you.

Ok now I is gonna vamoose. Meow meow.