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One evening

He is back from office bearing packets.

She opens them eagerly.

She: (forgetting resolutions to bring her weight down) Ahhh pastries!!!!

He:  (with shy and modest smile) I got a raise.

She: Oh really!! How nice…. Congrats!

He:  (offers her a pastry lovingly) Here take one.

She: Thank you… (chomps contentedly, to hell with expanding waist-lines)

Another evening.

He:  Hey guess what??!

She: (Busy making tea) What??

He:  There is some good news!

She: (delighted) Have you got a new job?? (Lets imagination run wild and wonders where they’d be staying next: Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad… or even some little known town elsewhere)

He:  Nahhh!

She: (brought back to Thiruvananthapuram with a thud) Oh…

He:  I just spoke to our neighbor and he said…

She: (interrupting) Has he offered you a job??

He:  Aaaargh. It’s not about a new job!

She: Okay okay. You are all excited, so I thought…

He:  Guess who is moving in next door??! (waits expectantly for an answer)

She: (for the life of her unable to think who it could be) Who??

He: Girls! Girls from the nearby engineering college!

She: (rolls eyes) What?? OMG Wait till I blog about this. Ha!

He:  (guffaws) As if I care!

This is written Arch style, though using more words than she ever does. Guys and Gals if you aren’t reading her (Notes from a harried Mom), you are really, really, really, really missing something.

©Shail Mohan