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When I reached Yeshwantpur station yesterday morning and had to wait for a cab, I saw this.

What was in the box??

On a closer inspection I found it was a dog-in-a-box.

And that reminded me of this.

For some reason Goofy fitted her ample self into this small box in the new house we had shifted to. Probably she missed the old house and found the box held old familiar smells.

Coming back to the scene at Yeshwantpur Railway Station:

The dog raised its head to give me a balefulΒ  look.

Oh no, not the paparazzi again!

A friend came running to check and stood with wrinkled brows.

‘Hey there WHO dares disturb my friend??’

Hmm… Or did it want to be photographed as well??

Looks like the newcomer ran over to keep an eye on his friend , to see that he wasn’t disturbed while he took that much deserved snooze.

Or was the second one awaiting his chance to snooze in the much coveted box??

A final look at the two friends.